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I love abstract art – there is something so appealing to me about abstract art. Alexander Calder was always my favorite as a little girl and to this day I just love his work. I look to abstract artist for inspiration.  When I create my abstracts they excite me and calm me.  I feel most […]

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Abstract Nature

I think when many photographers begin to create art they choose nature as a subject.  I love to take nature and manpulate it into my art.  I think you will find these images unique and I hope they intrigue you and make you want to linger…. enjoy.  

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Funky ART

IMG_2019 copy

These images are just plane funky.  I get in the place where I just really like creating funk…. so here is some of my funky ART…

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Flowers on Canvas

All of these flowers look best when they are printed on a canvas.  The treatment I have chosen is one which is a painted look and adds a bit of abstract mystery to the final piece.  For those who love flowers this gallery is for you.

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1a Land of My Grandfathers copy

There is nothing more beautiful than an open vista or something which is haunting in nature.  When man and nature come together something magical happens.  I’ve tried to capture some of this here.  One piece in the group is not mine but was taken by my 7 year old son – it’s the truck – […]

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F a c e B o o k