Things People Want to Know FAQ’s

Here are some of the questions I get asked the most about my artwork.  If you have a question you can add it to the comments section and I will reply or drop me a note by going to the contact section.

  1. Is this really a photograph?  Yes, all images begin as a photograph and often morph into something which looks nothing like a photograph.
  2. Is your work for sale?  Yes, all the images you see are for sale – well maybe.  I custom create every piece of work.  No two pieces are ever exactly the same.  I may use the same image but it will be different in size, printing method and framing.
  3. How big are your images?  My smallest image is 12×12 and the largest are 40×60.
  4. How long does it take to create one of your pieces? I have been known to create something within a few hours but generally images take between 40-60 hours to become ready to show.
  5. How did you become an artist?  I was born one just took a while to figure that out.
  6. Are you a full-time artist?  Yes – and I am not always creating gallery art.  I also photograph portraits and weddings.  If you would like to see someof my portrait work you can go to Fireheart Photography (click here)check out my other blog at
  7. Why do you photography portraits and weddings?  I started in the portrait and
    wedding business and I love interacting with people so it’s a way to balance my creative artist and keep me grounded.
  8. What’s your greatest challenge?  Staying true to myself.  When I don’t care if a piece sells or if anyone likes it.  What matters is I really love it, then I know I am in the right space.
  9. How to you create your work?  I start with a image in my head of what the
    piece will look like in the end as I am photographing something.  Then when I digitally process it I try to make it look the way I envision it – sometimes it works, sometimes I get something better, sometimes it gets deleted.
  10. How much does it cost to purchase one of your pieces?  My works starts at 450 for the smallest pieces and goes up depending on size and printing method.  Commissions pieces start at 1500.  If you are interested in a piece, please contact me.

Some of my favorite images.

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